Sunday, May 26, 2013

Shoppin' Haul

I did some shopping yesterday because I needed some more clothes (mainly bottoms) and I wanted to share what I got! Also, I got another belt in the mail~ This time in black

I need to make a new chain for this one like I did the white one so it looks more D.I.A-esque and possibly put some more holes in the belt so that it sits lower on my hips (I dunno why I didn't think of that before).

So yesterday I went to Ross and picked up a few shirts and a black skirt. Also picked up a pink zebra print rug that I'm going to use in my makeup area so that I don't mess up my carpet because I don't put my makeup on in the bathroom and I don't have a vanity *REALLY WISH I HAD ONE* I also bought a kaftan to wear when me and my dance troupe have performances and need to dress all folk-like.

Then I went to Shoe Carnival and picked up these two pairs of shoes for $47 total! I needed to buy more neutral colored shoes since I plan on getting more maxi dresses to wear during the summer or when I just feel like being girly in a not-so-bright way.

[Now you can see part of my new rug!]

Then I discovered a store named Torrid. It's like a Rue21 for bigger girls!! I love it! As you may or may not know I am bottom heavy. So finding pants/shorts/skirts that fit and are fashionable is very hard for me to do especially in stores like F21, Wet Seal, Ross, or Marshalls. But anyway, I went into the store and was soooooo happy!!!!!!! I tried on a pair of their shorts as I was so happy I could've cried T~T They hugged me in all the right places and were loose in the thighs and weren't that awkward length that makes me legs looks even more fatter (FYI I recommend that if you have or owm bermuda shorts BURN THEM). My saddness was short lived after I discovered the price of on the tag though ._. The shorts were $36 and the pants were $64...but luckily I went in when they were having their buy one get one 1/2 off. So I ended up only getting four pair of shorts and two of them are colorful!! I've never had colorful shorts before :D

I also got these accessories over the course of this and last month. I noticed that I don't have a lot of gold accessories so I went out and got some [I still love my silver though <3]

That's it for now~

Friday, May 24, 2013

Dressing Gal In Public?

I was asked to make a post explaining what it's like dressing gal in public and how people react. Well this will be a short post only because I tend to not pay attention to the people around me lol, I mainly dress rokku and ocassionally kuronba and oneegyaru so I would say my style (clothing wise) isn't all all that standout-ish. But as for makeup and hair I do stand out among the people in my area.

I mostly get stared at by dudes, no surprise there because dude stare at everything lol. People won't be so shocked by your makeup (unless you do manba, of course or some other extreme makeup style). Girls will usually stop and say "Oh, I love [so-and-so article of clothing]" or "OMG I love your hair!" They don't usually ask where I get anything from, they just give a compliment and go on with their life lol. So, overall I'd just say people react kindly to how I dress and put my makeup on.

Now, how you react to what you are wearing can have an effect on how other's react as well. If you're going out of your boundaries and wearing say...garters with thigh high stockings/socks for the first time out and you're feeling a bit uncomfortable it'll how on your face. Dudes usually pick up this (especially when they're in groups) and will more than likely try to pick at you and either make your self-esteem go out the window or try to talk to you like you're a total slut (and then when you ignore them they say something like you aren't that cute anyway or some bullshit like that). That's why it's important to at least act like you're confident. With time that confidence will turn permanent and you won't be worrying about what other people thing about what you choose to put on your body. It's all about how you feel in the clothes you're in (as long as you don't look like a hot mess and you match. If you're not sure if it looks good ask a [true] friend or two!)

If any of you guys have anymore questions pleas feel free to ask! I'd love to answer more questions! :D

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Onee-gyaru day! and A Mini Review

Ello ello~

Today I made myself get dressed up lol I've been avoiding putting makeup on for some reason these past two weeks (just lazy I guess) I went for Oneegyaru and wore my new favorite orange leopard print dress and a big giant floppy beach hat :D I've always wanted a giant beach hat and I'm so glad I got it. I got the hat from Burlington for $6 and the the dress from a local store called Simple Fashion for $22.

I also got a belt in the mail that looks like a D.I.A belt! I just bought one in black now that I know it fits me. It's kinda snug but, it'll do lol. I think I may add some different chains with charms to make it look more edgy :3 I got them from a woman named Leisha who owns the storeAngel2Diva and she is super sweet and kind. I had emailed her about these belts and she answered in a very timely and polite manner. I had to place my order over the phone but that's all good ^^. The belts cost $34 plus $6 shipping for priority mailling. If you're interested in buying a belt you'll have to email her to see what she has in stock.

P.S I'm not as fat as these picture make me out to be, the dress was just weird with the belt on lol

That wasn't the review, however. I wanted to review this new eyelash glue I got by Andrea Modlash. It's a brush on clear eyelashe glue that I picked up from Walgreens. Today was the firt time I used this glue and I gotta say...I like it. When I brushed it on the eyelash band the glue was pretty much instantly ready to be put on and stick. I've had the lashes on for about an hour and so far they haven't lifted on the edges or anywhere else. The price was about the same price as any other eyelash glue (I think it was $4, I can't quite remember. Edit: I just got back home from a dancer performance in a hot ass silk kaftan under bright ass stage lights and my lashes haven't melted off yet, so the hold is great!

Okay, that was it for today! Have an awesome one guys!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gyaru Rant

These past couple of days have been really rage-y for me. It could be becaue my hormones are going crazy or I'm really just getting fed up with what I find on the internet. Last week (I do believe) I posted on my tumblr about a few pet peeves that I have and they included African-American girls that use white pencil liner to fill in the gap between their bottom lashes and their real lashes and using the wrong shade of pink lipstick. I would say that it wasn't directed to anyone inparticular but it kind of was. It was directed to EVERY SINGLE BLACK GIRL ON TUMBLR WHO MISUSED WHITE EYELINER. I should have clarified that, yes, sometimes using white liner can look nice and that's usually when it's only used to tightline your waterline and to highlight the inner corners of the eye but NOTHING ELSE. I was getting so sick and tired of girls thinking they could use the white liner like they had ivory skin. This trick works on white girls because their skin is fair and blends with the white of their eyes so the illusion looks more realistic.

When I made that post, some girl made a snide tag on it saying "Shit like this is why gaijin black gyaru can kick my black ass". Now, I looked at this tag and at first I didn't know how to respond. I wanted to be an outright bitch and say something offensive that included the words "basic bitch" and "irrelevant ass" but I didn't. Instead I, sarcastically, replied telling her to just take the advice and stop hating. I guess this post sparked something in Glee because she ended up making a rant video basically explaining all my feels.

Also, seeing girls posting about how ugly another girl is when they themselves are not the most attractive, especially with their makeup on because they don't apply it right. Like seriously...why do you think you have the right to say someone else will never be cute? Shit, you don't look good enough to say something like that if you want to play that game. Conceitedness has to be one of my biggest issues with people in the gal comm. It's okay to be conceited sometimes but not to the point where you're just being downright annoying. Someone in a group that I'm in on FB said somethig along the lines of people acting like they're the cool kids when in actuality they're not. They have this weird idea that they're above someone when their ass is still buried way beneath the food chain.

This was the case with a girl in a FB group called Ameri-Gyaru. Some of you may have heard what happened to the group and it's very sad because it was left in the hands of someone who was obviously not suited for an adim position. This girl, K, deleted the group because she couldn't handle the fact that everyone knew she was editing her pictures to the point of abuse and that she was on G_S ( She was on G_S but the post wasn't discouraging in the least). I made a suggestion in the group that involved making a new banner because (for some reason her overly photoshopped "face" was in there) it looked like shit and gave off a weaboo/newbie-people-who-think-they-know-what-gyaru-is-but-don't vibe. So, of course, she took offense and I felt like she was about to start throwing out cuss words for no reason to attack me so I just apologized at the fact that she took offense to my words instead of apologizing for the fact that what I said is true. She had a weird superiority complex that I felt through the computer so I knew she wasn't even worth critiquing. Some days later she deleted the group (that she didn't even make) and disappeared off the face of Facebook. To be honest, I'm glad she did. She needs to take some time to get her attitude together and realize she's not as great as she might think she is.

Also, the gyaru tag on Instagram (and tumblr too sometimes) is pissing me off too because it's just filled with fuckin' asian people who call themselves ulzzang and cosplayers. You can't tag a photo as both ulzzang AND gyaru shit makes absolutely NO SENSE. They just be filling the tag up with their bullshit selfies that have nothing to do what the tag is called.

*Deep breath* rant is over for now, I just had to get this out before I let it out on someone else, which I probably will anyway depending on how they react and such.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Got A Spending Problem~

Okay, so Ihave limited funds (like most people) but I can't seem to stop buying things ;A; I just bought three different packs of lashes, two or three Japanese fashion magazines, and a belt that I'm hoping to goddess will fit me when it arrives. About the belt I just bought, I've seen it posted in the BDIA int'l group when it was still around but I never found it again until I did a random search and it popped up in a sidebar and I had to buy it (even though it wasn't in the color I wanted) It's the most d.i.a looking belt I could find on an English site that might fit me so I hopped on that shit :D Also, about those lashes, I bought them from They were CONSIDERABLY CHEAPER than buying them on eBay but I have to wait for them to arrive before I recommend you buy them from that site. I wa going to buy them from because it was the cheapest I'd seen (some were going for $4.90!) but the shipping cost too damn much. I put in $25 worth of these $4.90-5.50 lashes and the cheapest shipping was $26. If I was gonna pay that I might as well just bought the lashes for $20 on ebay with free shipping (IMO) So we'll see how that goes. Also, I have a few plans this summer (and make up products to review)! I plan on attending Saiharii and Malia's Gyaru Summer Meet in NYC in July and hope that shit doesn't go down lol. Alsooooooooo me and my nago-sa sisters plan on having a meeting for Gigi's birthday <3 I'm really excited for that because I haven't gotten the chance to meet any of them in person yet ;A; YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! I'm also writing this post at 5:50am so excuse my errors and run-ons :3

Friday, May 10, 2013

Gyaru Tag!

I made a gyaru tag video woo!!~~ I'm trying to get into making Youtube videos for things like reviews so I don't have to type it all out all the time (I am lazy). So feel free to subscribe or just like the video :D

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Review: Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

Sup ya'll, I'm here with a review on a product for you all that I HIGHLY recommend. You see, I've had this kind of issue with my nose for a while now. I had a bunch of bumps on the bridge of my nose that I didn't know were blackheads and when I would go to contour and highlight my T-zone you could see all the bumps and it just looked gross a fxck. BUT NOW I DON'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH THAT ANYMORE!!!!!!

My boyfriend (of all the people) randomly suggested that I use "one of those nose strip thingies" and I was surprised I hadn't thought of that myself (._.). So I went to my local Walgreens and bought their store brand deep cleansing pore strips. So onto the review

This is what the package looks like. It comes with 8 nose strips and I bought it for $5.99. I would suggest that you use them RIGHT AFTER YOU GET OUT OF THE SHOWER AND WASHED YOUR FACE THOROUGHLY. That way your pores are open and the strips can pull out the dirt easier. I left the strip on for 15 minutes and then pulled it off. I was halfway expecting to see a bunch of black spots on this strip but I barely saw any. Even though I didn't SEE anything on the strips I definately FELT and SAW the difference on my nose. My nose is so smooth just...It's just amazing (;A;) I think they have other strips for other areas of your face like your cheeks, forehead, and chin but I haven't tried those yet. Also, I have fairly sensitive skin and it didn't make me break out ina rash or even feel the slightest bit itchy.


WOULD I SUGGEST THIS PRODUCT TO OTHERS?: HELL to the YES! If you don't feel like spending a bunch of money on the Biore line of nose strips get the Walgreens brand, it works just as well I'm sure AND it's no more than $6.