Friday, January 25, 2013

Review: Hana/SP Nudy Brown VS. GnG/Dueba 3-Tone Super Nudy Brown

I got these lenses from while they had their end of the year sale. I actually purchased the 3-tone nudys on accident lol because originally I only wanted one pair of brown lenses but accidentally left these in my cart...anyyyyywayyy, I'm going to be doing a double review.

P.S I'm writing this from my phone so please excuse the disorder of the pictures. In my left eye is the GnG 3-tone browns and the Hana/SP nudys are in my right. The dim photos were taken in my bathroom and the bright one was taken in direct sunlight from my window.

First off, I frequently buy from Kiwiberry so I would recommend buying from this site 100%. Shipping usually takes two weeks but, depending on where you live and holidays, it can take up to three weeks. All their items are $20 and first time users get 15% off their order.

Hana/SP Super Nudy lenses
•Opaque golden/greenish brown color that is pixelated. Color 4/5 (good for Onee-gal makeup)
•These lenses are 14.5mm with no black ring around the edges so its natural looking but not very enlarging. Enlarging 2/5
•When I put one in my right eye it felt like I had it inside out when it wasn't. Comfort 2/5

GnG/Dueba 3-Tone Super Nudy Brown
•Very dark brown with small specks of a lighter brown around the pupil hole. I didn't expect it to be so dark, but I still give the color 4/5 because I still like how it looks in my eyes.
•These lenses are 14.5mm but due to them having a black ring around them they have a 15mm effect so enlarging is a 4/5.
•I had these lenses in for about 4 hours and didn't feel them in my eyes at all even when I blinked. Only problem is my eyes dry them out so they get blurry occasionally. Comfort 4/5

I'm loving the 3-tones a lot more than the Hana/SP ones lol

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