Saturday, June 23, 2012

Review: Kiss Lightning Speed Gel Nail Kit

On Friday, out of nowhere, I decided to do my nails. Now usually I just put on some press-on nails but this time I felt like being creative. I went to my local Walgreens and while looking at the press-on nail lengths and things I saw this Lightning Speed nail kit by Kiss. It was 14.99 (excluding tax) and I decided to give it a try. Now, I'm a first time user of this kit and I think it's pretty darn easy to use.

You don't need glue to use this (and it doesn't come with glue either) but I would suggest you buy another small brush to go with the brush-on gel because the brush will get the acrylic powder on it and when you try to brush it on your nails it won't coat it evenly (also, I heavily suggest that you clean the brush BEFORE you start coating the next nail)

After you go over your nails about three times with the acrylic powder and brush-on gel you're supposed to spray all of your nails at once one time with the activator. I did it twice because I missed my thumb nail and it kind of had a tingling warm sensation on the skin lol.

Not bad for the first time. I will say if you've never used this before then don't expect to have a completely smooth nail surface when you're done. Luckily, they give you a buffer and a wide file so you can smooth out the surface and make it even and more smooth.

Usually you stop there but I wanted to deco my nails. I used Wet n Wild and Sinful Colors brand nail polish.

(The pink and sparkly clear colors are Wet n Wild brand and the Sinful Colors is the black color)

I also bought 3D nail art pieces from Walgreens (Kiss brand) and luckily I got them on sale for 2.98 instead of 4!

~Rating~ Difficulty: */***** Price: *****/***** (very good for a cheap kit!) Hope you enjoyed the review and my nails! :D

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gal Style Inspiration

In the middle of my attempting to do some make-up work for my Religion class, I got a sudden urge to look up Gyaru styles. I've been meaning to do that because I feel weird doing freelance style without knowing what i'm inspired by besides random pictures I find on Google. I haven't really looked into many styles, only the two that have been sitting in my mind for a while now and those two are Onee gyaru and Rokku gyaru.

First off, I chose Onee-gyaru because I feel that my style in general is very mature as of late (meaning from around this time last year until now)and definitely because due to this excessive heat (and my putting on quite a few pounds T~T) I've been opting to just wear maxi dresses all the time. To me, maxi dresses are very Onee and mature.

The other style that I would LOVE to get into is Rokku style because I love how edgy and sexy the models look in their clothes. I remember back about two years ago when I used to dress in black mostly and do the edgy make-up, I loved how it looked on me. Now I want to get back to the blacks and be a sexy edgy rockstar gal!

I also want to better my makeup so it looks more like this:

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ebay Wig Review

Yooo~ I got my newly bought wig in the mail yesterday and I'd like to do a review for you all.

This is the synthetic (supposedly heat-resistant, but I haven't tested that part yet) wig I bought. It cost me $19-$20 with free shipping and was made in China. There are two pictures but, supposedly, it's the same wig.

It was mailed to me in this envelope that was lined in a single layer of bubble wrap. The wig inside was in a hair net with a tag and nice little note thanking me for my purchase and asking me to rate them (I'll be doing that shortly). All of this was also enclosed in a medium sized ziplock bag. Now keep in mind that on the website the picture shows that the hair is a dark brown color with and underneath is a golden to light sandy brown. I opened the bag and the wig was actually ALOT lighter than the picture.

(Picture taken with a flash *at night*)

The first time I tried it on I wasn't pleased with the color at all. I felt it didn't pair with my skin tone very well at all. But the second time I kind of liked the way it looked. It's also not as full as it looks in the picture and the isn't as long either. However, I will admit that it is freakin soft and smooth and I LOVE the say the bangs look on my face.

(Closer look at the two colors together)

(Close-up of the the lighter hair color underneath)

(How it shapes my face)

So depending on the lighting, the shade changes hahaha. It's also pretty damn soft


Color: ***/*****

Style: ***/*****

Overall, I like it even though it's not exactly what I wanted.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First post goals

My first post (no der) on my new blog. I decided to get rid of my other one because it was...too personal lol. I want to use this blog to document my journey in style and my dabbles in them. I [try to] focus on Gyaru, Pin-up/rockabilly, pastel goth, and I'll try to do reviews but no promises because I'm broke as a joke (or was it "I'm broke, like no joke"?) Anyway, I hope I can get the page up and running and get a better layout and make it a bit more personal. Hope you stick around for the ride!