Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Gal Progression

I know I said I'd be posting something else after the previous post, but I meant to do this post last week and I'm just now doing it. I wanted to show my progress in gyaru style makeup (not really clothes because I just wear what I want to wear and it works for me). Don't poke too much fun at me lol we all had to start somewhere xD You'll have to forgive me for I am lazy and am unsure of the exact dates of everything lol so it's all based on guestimates lol. Also I can only find photos from 2010 so...I guess that's when I started really getting into it. Actually, that sounds about right because before that I was into a group called Udoli in 2009 and because of that group I got into Gyaru. So, onto the pictures!


^Here I'd say wasn't super gal, but was an attempt without lashes

^My computer's telling me I took this in November 2010 for Manba Day

^I'm not sure if you can tell, but I was also into scene lol so my appearance is scene but my makeup with an attempt at general gyaru and I was duckfacin hella hard for the LAWLS

^These were taken in December 2010 when I was on Christmas vacation at my grammas. I did a lot of practice while I was out here and I felt that I was getting the hang of it, all I was missing was bottom lashes


^These were all taken in March ranging from the 11th through the 28th. Now you can start to see me kind of getting better :D

^Here I focused more on shaping my eyebrows

^This was done for another Manba Day in April 2011 lol. Tried to be more dramatic but still needs hella work


I must say this is by far my best year for makeup lol

^You can also see I began experimenting with hairstyles and fell madly in love with light browns and blondes lol

Whelp, that's it for my progress post ^^ Hope you enjoyed and some of you find inspiration from it knowing that when you first start out at anything, not just makeup, you're not going to look like a pro the first go 'round. You have to practice and believe that you can do it! :D

Thank you for viewing ^^

Heads Up!

Later tonight/tomorrow I will be doing somewhat of a haul post of things I bought in the past two days and also review some of the things I bought (not clothes, of course)that includes:

1. An eyeshadow palette

2. A hair product for those with natural hair

3. A brand of lipstick

4. Glitter eyeliner kit

5. Blush

6. A B.B cream/creme

7. A concealer/coverstick

There may be something else for me to review but I can't remember right now. FINALLY! You guys can learn about products and not just see me post about hair or nails lol. Also, note to self, remember that with OOTD pictures to list where the items were bought in case someone is interested.

So, you guys will be hearing from me real soon!!


Monday, July 23, 2012

B-Gyaru OOTD

What's uuuuup ya'll?

As you know, I just made a new wig a few nights ago and I liked it. However, once I wore it out in public I realized that it was waaaaaaaaay too tightly curled and short and made my face look manly and just...ew.

So, today I ran a straightener through it >:D The curls are a lot looser, so much in fact, that they just look like waves now. It definitely framed my face better and I love it 23095850692443059x more.Due to my being madly in love with it, I decided to come up with a B-Gyaru outfit. I think it came out awesome with the hair :D

Close up of the hair and my makeup without circle lenses.Yeah, I know you can't see the eye makeup at all.

What do ya think??? Ya like it??

P.S Here's another picture of my makeup, hopefully you can see it better

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Trying Out B-Gal...?

Heeeeey y'all!
Last night I cut my hair! :D now it's not even an inch long and it's allllllll natural.

Now I've always wanted to try a certain hairdo that's really big and curly! Like an Afro. So, I tried to make a quick weave style of it. Instead, I just made it a wig (this was the first time I've made a wig and I'm excited!).

I find this style to be nice for B-gyaru perhaps depending on hair accessories :3 so, I figured I could try B-gal for a while, y'know, for fun.

The hair I used is by Princess 100% human hair style P deep wave 8 in color 27. It was $9 a pack and I used three packs.

I used hair glue and glued it on a wig cap while it was on my head (I had a shower cap underneath the wig cap so the glue doesn't seep through and onto my hair). After the glue dried the wig was done, after combing through the curls to make the hair bigger.

Woo! I hope you like it! And enjoy watching me attempt B-gal lol

P.S excuse my fugliness

Friday, July 20, 2012

Makin' A New Nail Set

I got bored a few days ago and decided to make these. I was trying for rokku style sort of but I couldn't do the exact design that I wanted to do due to my not having the correct nail polish brush tips and not having the deco pieces I wanted.

The nails themselves are actually nail tips that I didn't file down lol. The gems are actually leftover pieces from my last nail set (the pink and black gel nails I reviewed) and I made the dots by using a toothpick.

I actually went back over these nails with glitter polish, but I think it's too much going on when I did that...should have just put the glitter polish on the non-polka dotted nails :/

Now, I only secured these using nail glue and due to the length I find it hard to do anything from using my touch screen phone to opening the door to my car and driving. So as of right now as I type, two nails have fallen off and I'm trying to get the rest off now xD next time I'll better plan this out and make the nails a length that won't handicap me.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

KatoKathy's Giveaway!

Heeeeeeey ya'll! KatoKathy's having a giveaway for her 2nd blog anniversary :D I decided to enter and try my luck and you all should too ^^ She's giving away these fabulous prizes:

Package includes:

1x Luminous Change Eyelash #06 Fluffy Airy Eye

1x Diamond Lash - Princess Eye

1x Set of Fake Nails

2x Nail Polishes (Sally Hansen Diamond Princess Color & New York Confetti)

2x Daiso Rose Lip Gloss/Color

1x 3D Nail Art Wheel Set

1x Mini SUPER BB Cream

1x Cherry BB Cream Sampler

GOGOGOGOGO apply and follow her lovely blog :D

Monday, July 16, 2012

Running Errands + Petticoat Review + Inspiration!

Today was errand day...sort of. I had to return library books and go by the post office to pick up a package. I decided to do my makeup today due to my looking at Queenie Ichigo (or Margarita Barret)'s photos this morning. I spent a good hour looking at her blog xD She inspires me to get better at coordinating outfits and doing my hair and getting in shape (seriously, her body is freakin GORGEOUS!)

She's also one of the models for Gal VIP, the new gaijin gyaru magazine that should be out in September ^^ One day I hope to be featured in the magazine *sigh* Her outfits...

So due to my inspiration, I dressed up Oneegyaru style!

I feel like I'm pretty damn good at this style. The makeup is simple and more natural than the Rokku style or other ones that require a lot of black eyeshadow/liner.

Anyway, I'll take this time to do a review on my newly received petticoat. Some of you may not know, but I am also into the Lolita fashion. I don't have a large closet but I do have a few staple pieces that I enjoy :D I just love poofy dresses!!

First off, I ordered the petticoat from Loli-Loli Paradise on Facebook. If I remember correctly, it cost me $50+? and it's the Classical Puppets Bell Shaped Petticoat (Super Fluffy) I ordered it...about May/June and it arrived the 12th of this month

It arrived in this paper package that was lined in plastic. The petticoat was packed inside a thin plastic wrapper.

Now the petticoat itself is SOFT AS FAWK! It's so smooth completely itch-free! The trim on the edge is in a lace design but it feels more like cotton or that tablecloth material you'd find at your gramma's house lol

It has a bunch of layers in it which makes it Super Fluffy. I can't get it to stand up on its own like in other people's photos cuz I'm a lame-o, but it is full. Now I'll show pictures of the petticoat on~~~

Here's a picture of a skirt (from Bodyline)with and without the petticoat (This skirt is thin and hence not very heavy)

Big difference, eh? Well, it's not a HUMONGOUS poof but I like the poof that is there :D btw, this is a cupcake shaped petti so it won't give you the "mature" A-line skirt look.

Now a with/without picture of the petti with a heavier skirt (also from Bodyline)~

I added the profile view because I feel like you can see the poof better from the side in this skirt rather than the front.

Alrightttt!!! That is all for today! I feel like I'm gonna post again later today, I'm gonna try to do a Cocona-inspired makeup since I never used the glitter eyeliner I bought xD

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Manba Day!

So yesterday, Chaudie hosted the third annual Manba Day and I participated :D Usually when I do it I dress up Manba style but this year I tried Banba. I think I may add this style to my arsenal lol once I perfect it. Hope you all had a great day! :D

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Finally got some shopping done

It feels so good to shop -w- Especially since I haven't shopped since...May. I know that's not a long time, but it felt long. At first I was interested in buying clothing for the summer since I was getting tired of wearing dresses and feeling fugly in shorts, but now I think I'll focus on buying clothes for the upcoming fall and winter seasons :3 I prefer those seasons over fall and summer anyway lol (summer is too hot and spring SUCKS all kinds of booty due to the pollination and shizz. The doctor still says my nostrils are inflamed because of allergies and it's freakin summer)

My boyfriend is doing this super cute and oh-so-very kind thing of taking me shopping every weekend until August when I'll get a "super surprise" lol he's so cute and thoughtful ^^

So anyway, I got to buy a few things from Body Central, Icing, and Hot Topic. From BD I got this lace top and waist belt

I absolutely love the way the belt fits me. Makes me feel all tiny and fit lol I figured this would be a great top for Onee-gyaru ^^

I got these ear cuffs from Icing (which is like a more mature version of Claires, for those of you who don't know what that is)

Then I bought some accessories from Hot Topic for my Rokku gyaru style! Most of them were on clearance for no more than $4 except the handcuff chain belt and the glitter eyeliner lol

I saw Miyabi (Sukoa) use this glitter liner so I thought I'd buy it and try it since the glitter palette I bought two weeks ago kinda sucks seeing how the glitter doesn't stay on your eyes unless you put glue on them -_-

I also ordered two pairs of lenses. The i.Fairy Luscious Greys and the Kirei Browns

I CAN'T WAIT TO GET THEM!!! xDD I figured, for me, grey lenses look great with my heavier rokku gyaru makeup and the browns would look natural enough with the onee gyaru make up which I need to work on more >_>'