Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Inspiration list

I'm sitting here watching Gyaru videos on Youtube and I thought I'd make a list of all the gaijin gals that I find inspirational when I first started out (and still find instpirational) and explain why .

Kiara aka Kay_woww:

When I was starting out in gyaru I saw her and watched her videos and fell inlove with her freakin eyebrows and personality. I mean, I never met her in person but in her videos she sounds so cool and hardcore and I just fell in love with her lol. I just saw her nude lip tutorial and I fell in love with that too! I can't wait for her to come back into the gal community and show off her stuff again(check her youtube account out!).


Man, Lisha...I's Lisha! When I first ran across her she was into manba and I would love the eff out of her tutorials on how to do manba makeup (Her Youtube channel) I would try to mimick how she did her makeup and hair because I loved (and still do!) her edgy look. She's doesn't do manba/banba makeup anymore, she does more rokku style make up and her coords are pretty damn sexy.

Tomasa aka Tomo:

Tomo switches out her look every two weeks it seems like and I love it lol but she stays true to her banba roots. I think the first time I saw her was in on G_S in pink pajama onsie LOLOLOLOL onsies are so freakin weird to me and her boobs were so jiggly and soft looking in them xD Anyway, I started googling her and reading her blog and and watching her youtube videos ( heryoutube). Honestly, when she added me on FB is was kind of geeking on the inside because I felt like since she added me my gal makeup must've been improving xD My favorite thing about Tomo is how she freakin applies her lashes and isn't afraid to be goofy and stand out.


I love how Nami does Oneegyaru. She was the first gal I've seen do it (that I remember) and she seemed really mature and elegant and I was pretty envious of that. Her makeup ad coords aren't as out there as the others but I admire that about her :3 (Here's her twitter).


I feel like every black gal sees Miyabi as an inspiration and I'm probably right lol. I first noticed her back in my scene days when she was transitioning from scene to VK style. I feel like we were both attempting gal around the same time she just got the look down quicker than I did lol. I've actually talked with her and I love how she's a jokster and yet very friendly and straight forward. I'm also very envious of her cute ass face (YOU KNOW YOU'RE FUCKIN CUTE MIYABI!) and the clothes she wears (Here's here her Youtube channel).


She's like the sweetest and hottest gal I've ever seeeeeeen!!!! Her hair skills are amazing, her make up looks awesome, AND HER FUCKIN CLOTHES! UNFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's like the best gaijin Agejo gal you'll ever see with your own eyeballs, I promise you this. I haven't spoken to her directly much, but we're in a few group together and she's always so positive, which is anoher great trait about her. (Here's her blog).


I don't remember if she considers herself gal or just likes to dress gal from time to time, but either way I love her hairstyles and makeup. PLus she has a really really really perfect looking face. Plus she's really nice and friendly (here's her Youtube channel)
That's all for now! Of course, there are more but my butt is tired so I'm just gonna end it here lol

I'm Sitting in My Car!

Yess, my spring break is over and I didn't update :( I'm freakin lazy, sorry.

But as I sit in my car burning, I decided to at least update you all on one thing:

I got my first tattoo! It's been a week and a day since I got it and now it's just mildly itchy and dry but that's to be expected.

I've also been hella lazy with my gal-ness this week,'s

Here's a picture of my tattoo and now I'm gonna go jet off to class!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Little Update and Information


Since I have a moment, I will be updating my blog with more relevant information about myself, but until then I want you guys to go read these blog posts if you are active in the gal community:

* Phillicia/Glee's Post about exposing Chaudie

* Lolo's Post about exposing Chaudie

* Yumi Le's Post about exposing Chaudie

* Gigi(Gabriela Asare)'s video about exposing Chaudie

As you can probably guess from the URLs, these are all about a certain girl named Chaudie (aka Himelyn/Mirai he/Chaudelyn Severa). I personally don't know her and have had no communication with her, but hearing everyone's stories about her make me dislike her already. I just want to help spread the knowledge of this woman to everyone who either had contact with her or might end up having contact with her. From what I've gathered, she's trying to get internet famous by bandwagoning on other well-known or up-and-coming gyaru and she has no sympathy or empathy for those who fall victim to her schemes. So, I'd advice having nothing to do with her unless you like having your feelings hurt and being used like tissue and later tossed in the wind.

That aside, look forward to seeing actual stuff about me tomorrow! :D