Saturday, September 29, 2012

Random Lol

So I just bought two creams for my face. One is to get rid of under eye puffiness and the oher is a fading cream. The Eye Fade cream is by Dagget & Ramsdell and I'm assuming the Facial Fade Skin Lightening Cream is by the same company even though the jar doesn't have a company label on it...very strange.

I bought these in the CVS store for $6. I have seen a difference in my skin with the Facial Fade and I've only used it about 5-6 times once a day right before I go to bed. I don't have really really dark acne marks all over my face, but I do have three groups of medium-dark acne scars right under my cheeks and on my chin. I can already see them lightening up and starting to fade but I also am noticing 1-2 pimples popping up near the areas that I apply the cream so I need to start getting into a routine of cleaning my face and putting on acne preventive meds again...or my monster's about to show up...*shrug* either way it's not breaking me out bad lol. So would I recommend this product? Uh...der. It starts working quickly and effectively! The only downside I have is that they don't have directions for it on the jar, only the box.

Now, onto the Eye Fade Cream...I can't say I'm seeing any results from this product just yet.If I remember correctly, on the box it said you should begin seeing results in 3 months and if not then discontinue using the product. So...if I read that right, then this products takes a while to work. That being said, I can't really give a review of it until I use it for an extended period of time. Hopefully I remember to review it later.


* Me and Miyabi are hosting a Gal me2 (meet) at the convention Anime USA in Washington, D.C if any of you readers/followers are in the area. We plan on just going to lunch just in case some of you guys aren't going to the convention.

*I have joined my university's belly dance troupe! WOOO! So now I'll be more busy with practice and trying to not let online assignments sneak in and drop my grades down ;_; Like they already are

I did my nails like three days ago but my thumb nails, left index finger, and left pinky finger nail popped off and the design sucked so I fixed them tonight and this is what they look like right now

Also, I've been really really lazy with dressing up because I'm finding myself not liking my clothes. My mind is it "cool weather mode" so it wants to put on tights/leggings and mini skirts and boots, but it's not that cold yet ;_; So I've just been doing my makeup with whatever I wear and my hair is disappointing me as well *sigh* my skills are sad...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Small Update

Hay hay hay~

Just a small post about what's been happenin' (like something spectacular happened this past week lol). Well I had a birthday last Sunday on the 9th so I am now 21 :D Go me!! Still waiting on my nail stuff to arrive...well most of it. I got my 500 nail tips, my wig, and the sticker strips so now all that's missing is the glitter, the nail cutter, and brushes. I'm thinking of trying to make acryic sets instead of press-ons.but that requires so much work D: but they also don't just pop off when I'm doing things (like opening a door) so I'll try it. Also, the wig I got is actually straight silver, not dark grey or ash blonde/gray so I was a little thrown by that. So I customized it and found out that it sheds a hella lot -_____- so I have to be real careful with it. That and it handles well in heat, you just can't curl it with a curling iron. You can flat iron it if you're trying to get curls out, but to put the curls back in you have to use the rollers and boiling water method.

Wig before *serious* customization:

(I put lavender strips in the bang. I look like a AV gal in this picture xD at least I think so)
Picture of the *serious* customized wig:
(Here I curled it with rollers and added brown and whitish-blonde highlights)

ALSO! You may have noticed I have a banner now >:3 I just got photoshop and I'm messing around with it to make a banner. That's not gonna be the official one cuz...Meet Me In The Pink Room sounds kind of dumb. So whenever I get a good title going I'll remake one and hopefully learn how to make my blog more KICKASS!!!!

That's all for updates, enjoy your day loves~ <3

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Something Most Girls Worry About

Weight. Yep, I'm worrying about my weight lol. I know some of you get tired of seeing girls talk about or complain about their size, but I won't be least not on here. I just wanted to let you know that I'm in the process of losing weight! I've already dropped 10 Ilbs and I plan to lose some more. I'm not sure how much I want to lose because I'm not entirely sure what size would look good for me :/ I'd like to keep my ass (or at least get it mo' bubbly! I love nicely shaped butts xD) at the size it is just shape it up but my tummy, thighs, and arms gotta go -_-. I just need to remember to not give into fast food, which is pretty damn hard cuz I'm SURROUNDED BY IT! I mean, I just started University and during my break I always sit in the dining area and sometimes it's just hard T^T but I usually don't have money to give into my cravings anyway so this is the first time I can say I'm glad I'm broke.

In case you're wondering, I'm currently sitting at 189 and I'm 5 foot 9 inches. Yeah, that doens't sound bad but it doesn't look good all the time. I also need to be cautious of my weight because all of my family on my dad's side (minus my dad and one aunt and a few cousins and my sisters) is obese. If they aren't shaped like Lumpy Space Princess then they're shaped like very bottom heavy pears. The family on my mom's side are skinny with no shape minus their big boobs. genes are like, "WTF DO WE DOOOOOOOOOO?!?!?!?!?" So I'm really trying not to become too big or too skinny.

Along with my plan to lose weight, which includes exercising and dieting, I also plan on doing some corset training :3. From what I've researched, corset training is like getting the gastric band on your stomach except less costly and with no surgery. It puts pressure on your stomach so it feels fuller faster and also makes your waist tinier to give a better curvier shape. In case you're wondering, no I'm not trying to go to some drastic size like that lady with the smallest waist in history. Just a few inches. There's actually a girl I'm friends with on Facebook who uses corsets and I like the way it looks on her. Her name's Jazmin (not Sullivan, I don't even think I know her last name lol) but she goes by Lola Von on FB if you want to look for her and has a Model Mayhem account.

(I don't own this picture in any way, just so ya'll know)

LOOK AT THAT SHIT!!!! I swear just looking at her pictures motivates me to lose weight lol I just love the way her waist well-shaped and just...perfect!

Yeah so...I just wanted to share that with you all. Be looking out for updates and hopefully more pictures <3 And to you all also trying to get in shape don't give up hope! Stay motivated and trying not to give it, get someone to help you out if you need it. Or at the very least avoid fast food and soda and drink lots of water lol

Saturday, September 1, 2012

I'm Feeling Adventurous...

So last night I decided to do something I haven't done before...

I bought stuff to do nails!! on eBay, of course lol gotta love eBay.

I bought:

-3000pcs. 1.5mm rhinestones in 12 colors

-15pcs. pink nail art brush set

-Metal glitter dusk in 24 colors

-Nail clippers

-20pcs. striping tape

-500 clear nail tips (not stiletto ones lol)

-Hexagon glitter in 18 colors

I also bought a wig that I thought was the perfect color for Rokku/kuronba/96gal,I want to call it ash blonde but it's listed as dark grey :/ It's a cosplay wig that i plan on cutting and styling. It says it's heat-resistant but we'll see...I need to buy more hair pieces to work with. Anyway, all of this cost me under $45 (most of that was for the wig which was $25) and I paid nothing for shipping ;3; I tell ya, eBay is the best store on the planet. I dunno what I'd do without it.

Also, I was accepted in the [Black Diamond] Gal Unit International (or BDiaIn't) :D that means I really need to step up my game and not just focus on makeup. I need to better my coords and hair and even nails! This is a such a great opportunity and I feel so grateful that I was chosen ^^

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the new layout. I'm trying to make a banner and make a better layout but I lack photoshop so my skills are severely limited T^T