Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Little Update and Information


Since I have a moment, I will be updating my blog with more relevant information about myself, but until then I want you guys to go read these blog posts if you are active in the gal community:

* Phillicia/Glee's Post about exposing Chaudie

* Lolo's Post about exposing Chaudie

* Yumi Le's Post about exposing Chaudie

* Gigi(Gabriela Asare)'s video about exposing Chaudie

As you can probably guess from the URLs, these are all about a certain girl named Chaudie (aka Himelyn/Mirai he/Chaudelyn Severa). I personally don't know her and have had no communication with her, but hearing everyone's stories about her make me dislike her already. I just want to help spread the knowledge of this woman to everyone who either had contact with her or might end up having contact with her. From what I've gathered, she's trying to get internet famous by bandwagoning on other well-known or up-and-coming gyaru and she has no sympathy or empathy for those who fall victim to her schemes. So, I'd advice having nothing to do with her unless you like having your feelings hurt and being used like tissue and later tossed in the wind.

That aside, look forward to seeing actual stuff about me tomorrow! :D

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