Monday, July 15, 2013


Hello all,

I have some news that I'm both excited and kind of sad about. I'm going on a gal hiatus for a while so I can amp up my style and get over this sickness I've caught. I've seen the photos from the recent NY gal meet hosted by Saiharii and Malia and I'm so sad I didn't make it :( They looked like they had so much fun and I feel like I missed out (cuz I really did)lol. So After seeing those photos and looking at Mipochi's ameblo blog I've decided that I really want to get better with my style. I don't want to just be good at the makeup, I want to have the pretty hair and dress differently. I think I've fallen for Ora Ora style along with Rokku and just leave the Onee style for those days that I have to dress more maturely. I'm getting back to my tough roots and putting more black in my wardrobe! Since summer is pretty much over I'm preparing my ebay wishlist with items I think would work well with my chosen style in the cooler seasons and that includes tights, knee high socks, boots, and faux fur! I'll be updating my wishlist while I'm taking my break :3

I was also thinking of changing my name. I feel like I've been Miivii for too long (and I'm tired of explaining that Miivii is a nickname for an character I named Miyabi in an RP -_- ) and I need a new name that embodies what I'm striving for which is to be a full gyaru! I'll let you all know what I change it to when I pick the right one (and no this isn't gonna be one of those "she changes her name every month" type things, just this one time lol)...I kind of feel like every gyaru goes through this phase where they feel like they're stuck and need a way to revamp themselves and that's where I am now. So you all stay wild and sexy!~

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