Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What's In My Purse/ Makeup Bag

Here's are two videos that I made two days ago. It's just a basic what's in my blah blah blah. Hope you enjoy! Also, I've decided that I'm tired of seeing the name Miivii. It seems very...childish and dumb to me and I'm ready to "graduate" from that name. I couldn't think of a cool name like most gyaru have so I decided to stick with something close to my real name so I came up with the name Tairennyan (Tai for short). I added -nyan to the end just for fun. I didn't want to put -tan cuz that's too many T's and -pyon or -pon didn't sound right either. Guess you could say I kind of copied Areinyan hahaha I'm am A.OK with that (partially because I LOVE her anyway). Anywayyyyy on to the videos!


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