Tuesday, January 7, 2014

☆ 新しい Review : NARS Highlighting Blush Powder in Albatross ☆

I think I'm going to start labeling my reviews like this from now on lol it looks cute and I'm getting my eyeballs used to Kanji again (I start level II next week D:)

☆ S T O R Y T I M E ☆

An-t-way, I'm reviewing something that everyone and their ancestors seems to have. I've been wanting to try this highlighter for about a week and a half because I wanted to find something that would give me a lovely golden glow like I see on most dark skinned beauty gurus on YouTube. At first I bought the MAC Extra Dimension SkinFinish in Magnetic Appeal because the MUA at that station recommended it to me. Now, I bought it because it had a nice illuminating effect, very metallic and I liked how it looked on my skin for everyday use. Did it do what I was really looking for it to do? Nope. So I went to Target, Walmart, and even Bed, Bath, and Beyond to find a highlighter that was actually lighter than my skintone and made me ~GLOOOOOOW~

I, unfortunately, found only one thing and it was NYC Sun 2 Sun Bronzing Powder in Bronze Gold. This had a beautiful gold highlighter color alongside a bronzer that matched my skin tone. So when I got home to try it out I wasn't totally thrilled with it. The color shows up ever so faintly so if anything it just adds shimmer to my face. It would probably look better on someone of a deeper complexion than mine (which is one thing I envy about darker girls, highlighters look unrealistically beautiful on their skin).

So after researching I found out about two highlighters I really really wanted to try: The NARS highlighting blush and The Mary Lou Manizer by TheBalm. Since my local Sephora doesn't sell the Mary Lou Manizer I bought the NARS one (which I will be trading in tomorrow for a setting powder and buying the Mary Lou Manizer on eBay since it's cheaper and I really need a setting powder)

☆ A C T U A L ✿ R E V I E W ☆

**Before we continue, this product cost me $30...**

The products comes in a small compact (it's only 0.16oz/ 4.8g) and literally sits in the palm of my hand. The color looks like a goldish white in the case and on your finger when you swatch it.

When you put it on your skin though, it turns into a beautiful soft gold.

^ That's what it looks liked when I wiped my finger 3 times in the blush and wiped it on the back of my hand once. The more you blend it out the more golden it looks on the shine. This products DOES HAS SHIMMER IN IT but not enough to make you look like Edward Cullen.

^ This is when I blended the product out. It also blends easily, just a few flicks with the brush and it's done. The texture of this blush is smooth and soft, it doesn't have a chunky or chalky feel to it at all. I think all skin types would enjoy this product, even those with dry skin (just make sure to moisturize and prime your skin first then set with a setting mist) and I've been told that it's great for all skin tones as well especially those who are of color.

☆ R E V I E W ✿ D O N E ☆

As you may have read above, I plan on returning this products tomorrow and exchanging it for the new Makeup Forever HD Pressed Powder. Grrrrrrrl, I knew I should've just bought my blush and left but noooo, I had to browse around Sephora and see what else they had. I just so happen to see that they had a new setting powder instead of the kind that they have in a jar and I was like, "Let me stick my finger in this and see how it--," I was sold as soon as my skin made contact with the powder. It was the smoothest thing I've ever touched in my life besides my Num-Num's face. And no matter how many times I rubbed my finger in it, the powder never made my finger look like i was fingering a bag full of chalk (unlike the e.l.f setting powder *cough cough*) and the case was just...°˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ ° perfect. So I'm exchanging it for that and will be reviewing it for you all of course along with the Mary Lou Manizer whenever it gets in next week

Also, I'm not much looking forward to going back to school yet (-___-) If I fall off with reviews and videos you'll know what happened to me. But I'll try to keep up with the blog and revamp it too, this place needs some more color and a facelift.


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