Wednesday, October 22, 2014

新しいポスト:Life Update


久しぶりね?ごめんなさい >_< とてもひまですよ〜 学校はむずかしいなりましたとあたらしい仕事がある。</p>

In case you haven't noticed, I'm trying to practice my Japanese lol, I hope I don't suck completely at it. I need to practice more so that I get better and pass this class, this semester is really hard for some reason :/ So I'm just going to update you on my life, since I really have nothing else to post about lol

I've entered my first semester as a senior in college, so not much longer until I graduate! Only issue is because I have a job now too (my first one! woo!) I can't find a good balance between studying and working because whenever I'm not working I'm tired and when I'm tired I can't retain any information that I read. to to mention most of my teachers are expecting a shit ton from me now that I'm in upper level classes. I have a bunch of papers to write, and maps to remember, and a shit ton of Japanese shit to know. I'm trying to get on top of my stuff but it's waaaaaaaay hard than I thought. Like, the day school started is when I was behind literally lol. I fear that I may not pass any of my classes this semester and that's going to put me behind and I'll never hear the end of it from my dad or my mom. *sigh* It sucks being pressured from yourself, school, AND parents, I just want to curl in a ball and never leave my house again like legit. I can't handle all this shit lol.

Other than that, my life is okay. Due to school and work I have no social life so that's cool I guess. I just want to spend all my days in bed when I have time off but I can't because my body's used to waking up at 8 everyday but my brain isn't, which makes for a very interesting day (not in a good way). I've also rekindled my love for gyaru so I feel more inspired to do my make up and stuff. I also changed my hair color like 5,000 times lol but as of yesterday I'm sticking with silver :3 Also I'm thinking about putting a texturized in my hair, my hair texture is too much for me to handle and doesn't blend at all with any wigs I can get. 4c hair is not the business -_-

Alsooooooo, I've been selected to participate in my local Harajuku fashion walk so that's exciting! I'm not sure what I'll wear, I was thinking of doing manba/banba but then I was like, "but I wanna try kurogyaruuuuuu" but I don't have any clothes that fit that look especially cuz it's getting cold :/ I dunno, I'll find something, I always do.

That's about it for me, how have you guys been? I *do* plan on updating more frequently instead of waiting half a year in between posts lol

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  1. Lol girl I know that 4c struggle lmao I've just been sticking to twists and weaves while my hair grows out

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