Monday, June 2, 2014

Pic Tutorial: Pale Pink Manba/Banba Lips

Hello all! Today I've made a tutorial for how I achieved this lip color:

Before you begin to read, I want to clear up that near the end of my doing this I ended up going back and putting the concealer and lip gloss over all my lips because it looked weird this time and very uneven. If you like to keep it in the center of your lips then by all means do so!

Items I've used:

Now on to the tutorial!

*I have no idea why Blogger is turning this picture sideways, but I can't fix it for some reason so I apologize for that*

Hope you found it helpful! I plan to do more tutorials soon, I'm just unsure of what so if you have anything you'd like to see from me please leave a comment below and I will get onto that :)


  1. it's only supposed to be the center!? I never knew!!! the color is really nice and your makeup very balanced ~ i didn't really like manba/banba because the contrast of white on dark was too much for my eyes QAQ but your look here is nice!

    1. Thank you Snow ^^ I find that it looks better in the center on people that have wide or thick lips like mine because it makes them look less big

  2. I Love the color

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