Saturday, June 23, 2012

Review: Kiss Lightning Speed Gel Nail Kit

On Friday, out of nowhere, I decided to do my nails. Now usually I just put on some press-on nails but this time I felt like being creative. I went to my local Walgreens and while looking at the press-on nail lengths and things I saw this Lightning Speed nail kit by Kiss. It was 14.99 (excluding tax) and I decided to give it a try. Now, I'm a first time user of this kit and I think it's pretty darn easy to use.

You don't need glue to use this (and it doesn't come with glue either) but I would suggest you buy another small brush to go with the brush-on gel because the brush will get the acrylic powder on it and when you try to brush it on your nails it won't coat it evenly (also, I heavily suggest that you clean the brush BEFORE you start coating the next nail)

After you go over your nails about three times with the acrylic powder and brush-on gel you're supposed to spray all of your nails at once one time with the activator. I did it twice because I missed my thumb nail and it kind of had a tingling warm sensation on the skin lol.

Not bad for the first time. I will say if you've never used this before then don't expect to have a completely smooth nail surface when you're done. Luckily, they give you a buffer and a wide file so you can smooth out the surface and make it even and more smooth.

Usually you stop there but I wanted to deco my nails. I used Wet n Wild and Sinful Colors brand nail polish.

(The pink and sparkly clear colors are Wet n Wild brand and the Sinful Colors is the black color)

I also bought 3D nail art pieces from Walgreens (Kiss brand) and luckily I got them on sale for 2.98 instead of 4!

~Rating~ Difficulty: */***** Price: *****/***** (very good for a cheap kit!) Hope you enjoyed the review and my nails! :D

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