Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ebay Wig Review

Yooo~ I got my newly bought wig in the mail yesterday and I'd like to do a review for you all.

This is the synthetic (supposedly heat-resistant, but I haven't tested that part yet) wig I bought. It cost me $19-$20 with free shipping and was made in China. There are two pictures but, supposedly, it's the same wig.

It was mailed to me in this envelope that was lined in a single layer of bubble wrap. The wig inside was in a hair net with a tag and nice little note thanking me for my purchase and asking me to rate them (I'll be doing that shortly). All of this was also enclosed in a medium sized ziplock bag. Now keep in mind that on the website the picture shows that the hair is a dark brown color with and underneath is a golden to light sandy brown. I opened the bag and the wig was actually ALOT lighter than the picture.

(Picture taken with a flash *at night*)

The first time I tried it on I wasn't pleased with the color at all. I felt it didn't pair with my skin tone very well at all. But the second time I kind of liked the way it looked. It's also not as full as it looks in the picture and the isn't as long either. However, I will admit that it is freakin soft and smooth and I LOVE the say the bangs look on my face.

(Closer look at the two colors together)

(Close-up of the the lighter hair color underneath)

(How it shapes my face)

So depending on the lighting, the shade changes hahaha. It's also pretty damn soft


Color: ***/*****

Style: ***/*****

Overall, I like it even though it's not exactly what I wanted.

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