Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gal Style Inspiration

In the middle of my attempting to do some make-up work for my Religion class, I got a sudden urge to look up Gyaru styles. I've been meaning to do that because I feel weird doing freelance style without knowing what i'm inspired by besides random pictures I find on Google. I haven't really looked into many styles, only the two that have been sitting in my mind for a while now and those two are Onee gyaru and Rokku gyaru.

First off, I chose Onee-gyaru because I feel that my style in general is very mature as of late (meaning from around this time last year until now)and definitely because due to this excessive heat (and my putting on quite a few pounds T~T) I've been opting to just wear maxi dresses all the time. To me, maxi dresses are very Onee and mature.

The other style that I would LOVE to get into is Rokku style because I love how edgy and sexy the models look in their clothes. I remember back about two years ago when I used to dress in black mostly and do the edgy make-up, I loved how it looked on me. Now I want to get back to the blacks and be a sexy edgy rockstar gal!

I also want to better my makeup so it looks more like this:

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