Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Black Gyaru? Amerigyaru? What's with these terms?

I was reading (or rather scanning) this article that talks about what Gyaru is. To be honest, the only reason I read or even knew about it was because people on my facebook were talking about how some of their information doesn't make sense. For example:

" Gyarus have various subcategories too, depends to choice of fashions and gender. (Source Wikipedia)...Western gyaru, Amerigyaru, etc Girls and also guys who have found gyaru fashion outside of Japan (Spain, Finland, Canada, America). They have their own communities, and forums to help beginner gyaru and to meet up with each other during travel. They also use the forums to connect with each other in their own states as well..."

First off, Western gyaru is just a tag we use on Tumblr or blog posts to help people find out about us and Amerigyaru was a group on Facebook that flopped and no longer exists. I'm pretty sure the OP was confusing these two things with the style Amekaji which is, in fact, a gyaru style. But this post isn't about that, it's about this:

"Gyaru trends: ...Kokujin Gyaru, A black person who does gyaru fashion. Used to help Black females to find each other online. example Saiharii..."


Kokujin gyaru (not to be confused with kurogyaru) isn't a trend, it's a tag that we use to help others find out about us. That's like saying hakujin (white person) gyaru is a trend, which it isn't and just sounds stupid as hell. Everyone who isn't a native Japanese person living in Japan is considered as gaijin so all of us that live in other countries and practice gyaru are called gaijin gyaru or even western gyaru, we don't break it down into skin color and race. When it is, it's mainly just to make it easier for others that are like us to find us and either help us by giving us advice or being an example for others to follow or at least know that they aren't the only ones of their race that wish to follow (or do follow) that fashion.

To sum up what I wrote:
*Amerigyaru/western gyaru IS NOT a subcategory of gyaru fashion.

*Amekaji IS a subcategory of gyaru fashion.

*Kokujin gyaru IS NOT a trend. IT IS A TAG FOR THE INTERNET.

*Kurogyaru(96gal) IS a subcategory of gyaru but DOES NOT literally mean anyone with an ounce of African-American blood in them automatically gets branded as kurogal.

*Gaijin gyaru/western gyaru IS A TAG, NOT A SUBCATEGORY OF GYARU.

I just felt like this needed to be elaborated on for everyone who doesn't understand how these terms and tags are used. If you have any questions or would like some clarification please don't be shy to ask, I may sound mean and bitchy but if you're really interested in learning the RIGHT information then I'm more than happy to inform you or lead you to someone who really knows what they're talking about :D


  1. Hello :) I'm from the blog you talked about in your post, sorry for the inconvenience, I didn't mean to use a wrong word, since I dunno how to mention it. I knew that Kokujin isn't a Trend but net said so ne~ and so with other people in real life._. so does to other, so I said them as "Trend" since I dunno what to use. So I thought about it as an argument. Thanks, I'll fix this inconvenience, have a nice day

    1. It's cool, you aren't the only one who said that I was just venting to everyone who did it lol hope you didn't take it personally :)

  2. lolol teehee. i clarified the text i submitted to wiki lol after the confusion happened to (hopefully) make things more clear and to also edit my jokester-ness.


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