Sunday, August 18, 2013

Small Meet and Buys

I had a very small meet-up yesterday with two girls in my area. There name's are Kiwii and Alicia and I was kinda excited to find out that there were other girls interested in gyaru in my area :) We didn't take pictures since we didn't do much and I was late. We just walked around the mall and browsed through the store's clearance racks cuz we're all poor hahaha xD

Overall I spent about $30 and bought a new maxi skirt and tank top from Charlotte Russe and some midi rings. Then I went into this store called Love Culture that I'd never been to before and it was pretty cool in there. They had these SEXY shoes that looked like Lita boots but the boot was covered in a bright metallic silver and the heel was clear! I would've bought them if they were in my size...and weren't $50 T^T

In Love Culture I bought a pair of sunglasses, a cross and skull necklace, some skull with antlers studs, a spiked diamond and pearl headband, and a bracelet that looks like an oraora bracelet. Hopefully next time we have a meetup we take pictures and have more people but then we'd probably have to change the event title to "harajuku fashion meet-u" instead of "gyaru meet-up" that seems to make people not want to show up lol. But here are photos of what I bought and what I looked like, enjoy!

And yes, I'm wearing sunglasses with my regular glasses xD I'm weird like that

Hope you all have a great day, thanks for reading!

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  1. LOL I didn't know you had a blog.. I swear I'm not stalking you -saw it on FYWG-
    Hope we get together soon? Maybe we can take some nice pictures this time!