Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ahem...Japan What You Dooooo

Heeeeey, lol. Sorry for the lack of posts, school has been taking the forefront. Anyway, how've you been? I've been dandy thanks!

So, this week has just been full of disappointments. Nelson Mandela died yesterday and my favorite gyaru magazine Soul Sister has ended :( Now I have to buy all the older issues and look for inspiration on the internet (like I've been doing). It seems gal fashion is as popular in Japan and the attention is headed back towards the youthful teenager look. Not that it makes much difference to gyaru anywhere, if anything it probably sends it back to its root of being a fashion that doesn't follow the mainstream and rebels against society's view of beauty.

AN-T-WAY, I've got some things to review for you all! (As soon as they get delivered) but until then I can review a few things that I've collected over this long hiatus which is mostly makeup and a circle lenses review (Tri-color violets) and some boots. Welp, I'm gonna go study some more and contemplate a better way for my blog to get more followers!

See you babes later~

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