Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Circle Lens Review and New Eyelashes

Ello thea!

I am finally back home! Woo :DDDD !!!! So I came home to find my new bottom lashes arrived along with the top lashes. While I was out of town I checked the tracking for my lenses that I ordered from LensVillage. They had been delivered to my house on the 7th of August but since no one was home to sign for it I had them redeliver it today (August 14th). So since I have no idea what time the mailman delivers things (I personally think they should put an expected time of delivery) I woke up at 7 this morning and waited until damn near noon so I wouldn't sleep through the doorbell and have to wait until tomorrow to go to the post office to get them.Also, my only complaint with buying from LensVillage is that their tracking is pretty much useless (in my case it was). It didn't update to tell me where my package was until it was delivered to my house almost a month after I ordered them.

I'll start off with the eyelashes. I ordered them off of EBay from two separate sellers. I got them with the original purpose of using them for Oneegyaru makeup, but as of lately I've been more drawn to 96gal/kuronba/rokku style. So I'll be trying to work them into that style.

Anyway, Here's what they look like:

I bought the top lashes from here and the bottom lashes from here.

And here's some pictures with me wearing them~:

As you can see, the top lashes are very natural looking and not very long (and also, sorry about the crappy quality >_>)

The side view

The bottom lashes are very noticeable, but still natural looking. It looks better to wear these lashes with minimal eyeliner and non-heavy make up styles.

And on to the lenses. Both the lenses are made by I. Fairy with a base curve of 8.6 and a diameter of 16.2mm (the diameter is stated both on the website and the vial. Both are 55% water so they help your eyes "breath". I took a comparison picture of the Lucius Greys side-by-side in my hand so you all can see the size, design, and color difference when it's compared to the Princess Mimi/Bambi Sesame Greys *diameter of 15mm*.

Here we have one eye with the lens and one without

The sesame greys are in my right(your left) eye and the lucius greys are in my left (your right)

As you can see the Lucius Greys are slightly bigger but the limbal ring isn't as thick as the Sesame Greys so it's probably not going to enlarge your eye as much. The color is a much more opaque and cooler looking grey than the Mimi lenses. Also there isn't another color like brown to help blend them into your natural eye, it's all grey with black lines extending from the limbal ring. I didn't have that one lens in my eye for long, but it was the first one I tried and, not gonna lie, it felt like something was in there lol. I guess I just need to wear them longer so my eye can get used to the freakin' size. Also, with both of these lenses, I get a halo effect! I've never had a halo effect from a lens before cuz my eye is big but I'm so excited cuz I have lenses that give me the halo effect!!!

Now for the Kirei Browns! They have a very similar pattern to the EOS Dolly Eyes *diamete of 14.2mm* except the pupil hole is bigger and so is the diameter. [add more info]I can already tell these are gonna be a favorite of mine >:3 I love how catty these lenses are! They are comfortable to wear, but do dry out quickly on my eye but that's cuz my eyes are pretty dry on their own lol.

P.S, the lenses were taken in bathroom lighting, it's dark out now so I can't get the sunlight versions until tomorrow, hopefully I'll remember to do that and update this post. But anyway, I hope you all enjoyed the review and found it helpful :D and now I'll end the post with pictures of my Kuronba/Rokku makeup and outfit <3

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