Monday, August 6, 2012

Moar Shopping!

As some of you know, I'm on vacation in Texas. So far, it is boring as hell lol but I gotta say some of their clothes and jewelry is on point! They LOVE chunky jewelry out here and it's EVERYWHEEEERREEEEE!! Also studded shirts and bags and blinged out flip flops are in every store. I haven't seen this much shininess since I visited the store Buckle back where I live lol it's like that store threw up all over this city xD

Anyway, I got some shirts and jewelry from Wet Seal and my stepmom bought me a pair of jeans from Buckle for $79. Yeah, $79 jeans wtf. They say they're expensive because they're more durable or some bull. Also got a turquoise necklace from there. I also picked out two necklaces from some store I can't seemed like a small business filled with handmade jewelry. I don't have pictures of those because when we went to check out, their register kept saying that when we swiped the card it didn't go through but it came up on the bank statement. So we have to go in tomorrow when they fix it to get a refund and then repurchase them.

Here's some pictures of the other stuff and the makeup I did today~

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  1. I want all of your jewelry! Especially those studs, they're so cute :)