Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What Is Gyaru Anyway?

For a while now I've been pondering...what makes someone gyaru?

Is it the makeup? The hair? The outfits? I know some people say it's a lifestyle, but how is it a way to live your life? Do gals live their lives in such a way that it's different from a normal person who just likes to look good? Yeah, it can be expensive if you do it everyday but why else is it different?

I think some people praise Japanese gyaru models and random people a little too much. It's like they think they dress like in the magazine every day when in fact they only do it for a photo shoot. Yeah, some may dress gyaru in their every day life but some people just don't have time to or just don't want to.

To me, if you have the eyelashes, contour, and circle lenses then you're gal enough for me. Of course, they have to look good but other than that you're good. Some people like to follow magazines to the last detail and that's perfectly fine, but they fail to realize that you can just mix and match stuff not following any one particular style and still be gal. I know I had a moment where I felt that if I didn't follow close to what was popular in Oneegyaru or Rokku gyaru fashion then I wasn't gal enough. But I feel I needed to follow it closely to get a better understanding of the style and now I don't want to look exactly like the latest issue of Jelly or Soul Sister or something like that. I want to wear whatever clothes I like and still appear gyaru (that's why I prefer to emphasis on makeup and hair and not clothes)

So what makes someone gyaru to you? Also, if you follow or believe in a "gal lifestyle", please explain it to me in your own words so I can better understand it :)


  1. I'm glad you made this bc I have the same opinion as you, I love a lot of different styles & don't like when ppl say "You're doing the style wrong" etc. when I'm just wearing what I like. I also agree about the Lifestyle thing, those ppl in the magazine are just glamed up for the photoshoot or actually have the money to dress like that.

    If I had the money I would love to dress like that, but unfortunately I don't & I'm not able to shop online to recreate the look or anything. I think just having the contacts makes a big impact in my opinion bc I don't like wearing fake stuff like eyelashes or weave, nothing against ppl who do wear them but they're not for me =P

    I also think the main focus should be the makeup, contouring etc. instead of clothes or wig. I love all the eyeshadow looks ppl create in the group & on YouTube, they're so inspirational and the reason I got interested in Gyaru. Im still trying to perfect my makeup skills, but am enjoying meeting all these great ppl who share the same interests as me =]

  2. This is the same for me. When talking to Kayp she mention gyaru is just normal girls that literally dress up. I made post in the past where I question "what makes a person gyaru" and what makes them different from ulzzang if its circle lens. Cause admit it circle lens are the only difference as a gaijin. Everyone in the world wears lashes, contours and blush. The only main difference is the eye shapes that is panda like and the obvious now stripe. And for lifestyle i don't know the difference from their lifestyle and the people who go out and drink and party (though I don't do it like that).
    I think its the relationship somehow. having the same interest in a culture not full know to us. There are still extremes that really tells the difference from ordinary makeup. And fashion items that is far from our own culture (but is sneaking in).

  3. I also made a somewhat similar post on my blog.

    What I really think what defines gyaru for western gals is the usage of circle lenses and japanese brands/ specifically following japanese fashion trends that arent too common in the western part of the world. Not to say circle lenses are the only thing needed to be gyaru...is just kinda sets us apart from the rest of the fashionable people in the world.