Saturday, September 15, 2012

Small Update

Hay hay hay~

Just a small post about what's been happenin' (like something spectacular happened this past week lol). Well I had a birthday last Sunday on the 9th so I am now 21 :D Go me!! Still waiting on my nail stuff to arrive...well most of it. I got my 500 nail tips, my wig, and the sticker strips so now all that's missing is the glitter, the nail cutter, and brushes. I'm thinking of trying to make acryic sets instead of press-ons.but that requires so much work D: but they also don't just pop off when I'm doing things (like opening a door) so I'll try it. Also, the wig I got is actually straight silver, not dark grey or ash blonde/gray so I was a little thrown by that. So I customized it and found out that it sheds a hella lot -_____- so I have to be real careful with it. That and it handles well in heat, you just can't curl it with a curling iron. You can flat iron it if you're trying to get curls out, but to put the curls back in you have to use the rollers and boiling water method.

Wig before *serious* customization:

(I put lavender strips in the bang. I look like a AV gal in this picture xD at least I think so)
Picture of the *serious* customized wig:
(Here I curled it with rollers and added brown and whitish-blonde highlights)

ALSO! You may have noticed I have a banner now >:3 I just got photoshop and I'm messing around with it to make a banner. That's not gonna be the official one cuz...Meet Me In The Pink Room sounds kind of dumb. So whenever I get a good title going I'll remake one and hopefully learn how to make my blog more KICKASS!!!!

That's all for updates, enjoy your day loves~ <3


  1. I love it!! ^O^ The wig looks cute straight or curled!! And good luck with photoshop! :D

  2. I love how you curled the wig it looks awesomee<3