Saturday, September 1, 2012

I'm Feeling Adventurous...

So last night I decided to do something I haven't done before...

I bought stuff to do nails!! on eBay, of course lol gotta love eBay.

I bought:

-3000pcs. 1.5mm rhinestones in 12 colors

-15pcs. pink nail art brush set

-Metal glitter dusk in 24 colors

-Nail clippers

-20pcs. striping tape

-500 clear nail tips (not stiletto ones lol)

-Hexagon glitter in 18 colors

I also bought a wig that I thought was the perfect color for Rokku/kuronba/96gal,I want to call it ash blonde but it's listed as dark grey :/ It's a cosplay wig that i plan on cutting and styling. It says it's heat-resistant but we'll see...I need to buy more hair pieces to work with. Anyway, all of this cost me under $45 (most of that was for the wig which was $25) and I paid nothing for shipping ;3; I tell ya, eBay is the best store on the planet. I dunno what I'd do without it.

Also, I was accepted in the [Black Diamond] Gal Unit International (or BDiaIn't) :D that means I really need to step up my game and not just focus on makeup. I need to better my coords and hair and even nails! This is a such a great opportunity and I feel so grateful that I was chosen ^^

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the new layout. I'm trying to make a banner and make a better layout but I lack photoshop so my skills are severely limited T^T

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