Friday, August 16, 2013

New K-Pop Group Wa$$up

Okay so, I'm not sure if you all know about this new Korean Pop girl group called Wassup/Wa$$up (I can't remember if they use dollar signs or not, I feel like they should have them for some reason) but they're causing quite the stir here in the western world and not so much in a good way. Before they debuted they leaked clips of them practicing their dancing and MV unto the internet. It was said their angle to stand out in the K-pop world is "twerking" [ Click here to if you don't know what twerking is. VIEWER'S DISCRETION IS ADVISED!]. Just from the three clips let out by them most of the people in the western world was in an uproar, they were mostly all legit displeased and disgusted. People were saying things like "I didn't start listening to Korean music just to see more American style dance!" or "twerking is the nastiest thing in the world! STOP CORRUPTING MY PURE KOREAN IDOL GODS WITH THIS FOUL AMERICAN TRASH!"

I personally don't understand fully why they're so upset. Most of these people complaining are the same ones that listen to Big Bang, HyunA, and all those other K-pop artists that are influenced by American pop culture and other genres such as R&B and Hip-hop. These girls in Wassup dance the same as any other girl group, they just aren't afraid to show that they have an interest in Reggae Dance hall and Hip-hop dancing and music. Sure, they spend a little more time shimmying their knees and not so much the slow hip circles that most girls do in their music videos (Belly dance terms, gotta love them). To be honest, I don't even acknowledge their dance moves as twerking as much as I do regular dance you'd see in a hip-hop video. Twerking is more controlled whereas they were not controlled, they were throwing out their backs pretty much and shimmying. That, and they don't have enough butt for me to be like, "OMG they really are twerking!" it's more like "Aww look at their little butts, bless their hearts."

Now, onto their music.They sound like a typical girl group...nothing really special. Really girly and cute sounding which didn't pair well with the style of dance they were trying to do. I am really expecting them to come up with more edgy songs with more bass or at least a dance hall feel to it since I feel like that's what they're trying to go for. Plus, these girls can actually dance! I've seen they do a choreo to one of Elephant Man's songs (I don't know the name of it) and I was very impressed because I didn't expect them to be as flowy and hard hitting as they were, I was honestly expecting stiffness and lots of posing but noooooooooooo they were the total opposite.

Also a note to the people who don't like what they're doing: They are going to do whatever they want to do. They aren't hurting you and they certainly are not corrupting the precious K-pop purity you've made yourself believe they had because you didn't understand what they were saying and they looked cute. Don't like it? Tough tittyballs, go watch some Korean dramas or something.

^^They need to do more of this type of music, it suits them better IMO. And I doubt she's trying to be like CL so we'll just shut that down right now lol

So what do you guys think?

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