Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tips on buying Rokku clothes and Where to find them

I was asked to make a post on where to buy clothes that fall under the rokku category. Simply put, any store like Hot Topic of Spencers that usually are a place for people who fancy metal/rock/goth styles will be one place to start. However, these stores can be very expensive. First, it would be best for you to know what you like about the rokku style. Do you like the leather? The spikes? The fact that most of the clothes are dark? Once you figure that out it becomes a bit easier to find clothes and things.

The number one place I like to go to first is,and forever will be, eBay. If you make a general search for something like "skull T-shirt" or "spiked jacket" you'll see a whole bunch of different options for you to choose from and you can get ideas on other items you'd like to look for.

The next place I'd say to check out are stores like TJMaxx or Ross. I found that this season there was a lot of darker style clothing (mostly tops) that featured skull print, studded collars or shoulder things, those long sleeve flowy blouses that had the shoulder cut out, vertical black and white striped things, and other such creations. You can try Burlington too but, I personally didn't find many rokku things there that fit me but they do have some nice shoes.

Another place is your local urban clothing store (like Rainbows, Olive Ole, Citi Trends, etc.)! They tend to have the more daring/clubwear clothes like those fancy leggings that look like garters and crop tops that have inverted (or regular) crosses and patterns. I do have to say that going here will test your courage haha. They are a club wear store so you'll find things that you'd typically see at night in the club.

Basically you can buy rokku clothes anymore if you know what you're looking for. If you need help, write down the fashion trends that you like about the style like certain patterns or materials or accessories then go look for them at your local stores (or eBay/online stores).

P.S I forgot to add that the store called Buckle is also a great place to go. They have different washes on jeans, sparkly shirts, and cool belts. But they are expensive so beware! But a cool thing to do with their shirts is to cut them up (not literally). Like putting slits in the sleeves or turning it into an off-the-shoulder shirt or even cutting a design into the back which is usually plain

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