Friday, May 24, 2013

Dressing Gal In Public?

I was asked to make a post explaining what it's like dressing gal in public and how people react. Well this will be a short post only because I tend to not pay attention to the people around me lol, I mainly dress rokku and ocassionally kuronba and oneegyaru so I would say my style (clothing wise) isn't all all that standout-ish. But as for makeup and hair I do stand out among the people in my area.

I mostly get stared at by dudes, no surprise there because dude stare at everything lol. People won't be so shocked by your makeup (unless you do manba, of course or some other extreme makeup style). Girls will usually stop and say "Oh, I love [so-and-so article of clothing]" or "OMG I love your hair!" They don't usually ask where I get anything from, they just give a compliment and go on with their life lol. So, overall I'd just say people react kindly to how I dress and put my makeup on.

Now, how you react to what you are wearing can have an effect on how other's react as well. If you're going out of your boundaries and wearing say...garters with thigh high stockings/socks for the first time out and you're feeling a bit uncomfortable it'll how on your face. Dudes usually pick up this (especially when they're in groups) and will more than likely try to pick at you and either make your self-esteem go out the window or try to talk to you like you're a total slut (and then when you ignore them they say something like you aren't that cute anyway or some bullshit like that). That's why it's important to at least act like you're confident. With time that confidence will turn permanent and you won't be worrying about what other people thing about what you choose to put on your body. It's all about how you feel in the clothes you're in (as long as you don't look like a hot mess and you match. If you're not sure if it looks good ask a [true] friend or two!)

If any of you guys have anymore questions pleas feel free to ask! I'd love to answer more questions! :D


  1. I actually LOVE to dress Rokku, if you could do a post sharing some good places to buy things for that look (clothing wise) that would help me out a LOT! And any fashion tips or rules of dressing etc. to make sure things go together would also be good because I'm trying to dress more stylish and less boring and plain >__<

    1. No problem Momo! I'll make that post for you as soon as possible :D Thank you for suggesting that!

  2. I agree soo much with atleast acting confident! People can smell fear~ Whatever you're wearing make sure you strut down the street and exude confidence. Its the best favor you can do for yourseld