Sunday, May 26, 2013

Shoppin' Haul

I did some shopping yesterday because I needed some more clothes (mainly bottoms) and I wanted to share what I got! Also, I got another belt in the mail~ This time in black

I need to make a new chain for this one like I did the white one so it looks more D.I.A-esque and possibly put some more holes in the belt so that it sits lower on my hips (I dunno why I didn't think of that before).

So yesterday I went to Ross and picked up a few shirts and a black skirt. Also picked up a pink zebra print rug that I'm going to use in my makeup area so that I don't mess up my carpet because I don't put my makeup on in the bathroom and I don't have a vanity *REALLY WISH I HAD ONE* I also bought a kaftan to wear when me and my dance troupe have performances and need to dress all folk-like.

Then I went to Shoe Carnival and picked up these two pairs of shoes for $47 total! I needed to buy more neutral colored shoes since I plan on getting more maxi dresses to wear during the summer or when I just feel like being girly in a not-so-bright way.

[Now you can see part of my new rug!]

Then I discovered a store named Torrid. It's like a Rue21 for bigger girls!! I love it! As you may or may not know I am bottom heavy. So finding pants/shorts/skirts that fit and are fashionable is very hard for me to do especially in stores like F21, Wet Seal, Ross, or Marshalls. But anyway, I went into the store and was soooooo happy!!!!!!! I tried on a pair of their shorts as I was so happy I could've cried T~T They hugged me in all the right places and were loose in the thighs and weren't that awkward length that makes me legs looks even more fatter (FYI I recommend that if you have or owm bermuda shorts BURN THEM). My saddness was short lived after I discovered the price of on the tag though ._. The shorts were $36 and the pants were $64...but luckily I went in when they were having their buy one get one 1/2 off. So I ended up only getting four pair of shorts and two of them are colorful!! I've never had colorful shorts before :D

I also got these accessories over the course of this and last month. I noticed that I don't have a lot of gold accessories so I went out and got some [I still love my silver though <3]

That's it for now~


  1. looks like you had a good shopping trip. I can't afford torrid either. They're so damn expensive. It used to be more goth since it was a sister store to Hot Topic, but not any more u___u

  2. I've been to Torrid before! A friend of mine took me there when she was trying to find a club outfit. :)

    Love the silver jewelry! I'm actually more partial to gold!