Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Onee-gyaru day! and A Mini Review

Ello ello~

Today I made myself get dressed up lol I've been avoiding putting makeup on for some reason these past two weeks (just lazy I guess) I went for Oneegyaru and wore my new favorite orange leopard print dress and a big giant floppy beach hat :D I've always wanted a giant beach hat and I'm so glad I got it. I got the hat from Burlington for $6 and the the dress from a local store called Simple Fashion for $22.

I also got a belt in the mail that looks like a D.I.A belt! I just bought one in black now that I know it fits me. It's kinda snug but, it'll do lol. I think I may add some different chains with charms to make it look more edgy :3 I got them from a woman named Leisha who owns the storeAngel2Diva and she is super sweet and kind. I had emailed her about these belts and she answered in a very timely and polite manner. I had to place my order over the phone but that's all good ^^. The belts cost $34 plus $6 shipping for priority mailling. If you're interested in buying a belt you'll have to email her to see what she has in stock.

P.S I'm not as fat as these picture make me out to be, the dress was just weird with the belt on lol

That wasn't the review, however. I wanted to review this new eyelash glue I got by Andrea Modlash. It's a brush on clear eyelashe glue that I picked up from Walgreens. Today was the firt time I used this glue and I gotta say...I like it. When I brushed it on the eyelash band the glue was pretty much instantly ready to be put on and stick. I've had the lashes on for about an hour and so far they haven't lifted on the edges or anywhere else. The price was about the same price as any other eyelash glue (I think it was $4, I can't quite remember. Edit: I just got back home from a dancer performance in a hot ass silk kaftan under bright ass stage lights and my lashes haven't melted off yet, so the hold is great!

Okay, that was it for today! Have an awesome one guys!