Monday, May 20, 2013

Got A Spending Problem~

Okay, so Ihave limited funds (like most people) but I can't seem to stop buying things ;A; I just bought three different packs of lashes, two or three Japanese fashion magazines, and a belt that I'm hoping to goddess will fit me when it arrives. About the belt I just bought, I've seen it posted in the BDIA int'l group when it was still around but I never found it again until I did a random search and it popped up in a sidebar and I had to buy it (even though it wasn't in the color I wanted) It's the most d.i.a looking belt I could find on an English site that might fit me so I hopped on that shit :D Also, about those lashes, I bought them from They were CONSIDERABLY CHEAPER than buying them on eBay but I have to wait for them to arrive before I recommend you buy them from that site. I wa going to buy them from because it was the cheapest I'd seen (some were going for $4.90!) but the shipping cost too damn much. I put in $25 worth of these $4.90-5.50 lashes and the cheapest shipping was $26. If I was gonna pay that I might as well just bought the lashes for $20 on ebay with free shipping (IMO) So we'll see how that goes. Also, I have a few plans this summer (and make up products to review)! I plan on attending Saiharii and Malia's Gyaru Summer Meet in NYC in July and hope that shit doesn't go down lol. Alsooooooooo me and my nago-sa sisters plan on having a meeting for Gigi's birthday <3 I'm really excited for that because I haven't gotten the chance to meet any of them in person yet ;A; YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! I'm also writing this post at 5:50am so excuse my errors and run-ons :3

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