Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Review: Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

Sup ya'll, I'm here with a review on a product for you all that I HIGHLY recommend. You see, I've had this kind of issue with my nose for a while now. I had a bunch of bumps on the bridge of my nose that I didn't know were blackheads and when I would go to contour and highlight my T-zone you could see all the bumps and it just looked gross a fxck. BUT NOW I DON'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH THAT ANYMORE!!!!!!

My boyfriend (of all the people) randomly suggested that I use "one of those nose strip thingies" and I was surprised I hadn't thought of that myself (._.). So I went to my local Walgreens and bought their store brand deep cleansing pore strips. So onto the review

This is what the package looks like. It comes with 8 nose strips and I bought it for $5.99. I would suggest that you use them RIGHT AFTER YOU GET OUT OF THE SHOWER AND WASHED YOUR FACE THOROUGHLY. That way your pores are open and the strips can pull out the dirt easier. I left the strip on for 15 minutes and then pulled it off. I was halfway expecting to see a bunch of black spots on this strip but I barely saw any. Even though I didn't SEE anything on the strips I definately FELT and SAW the difference on my nose. My nose is so smooth it....it just...It's just amazing (;A;) I think they have other strips for other areas of your face like your cheeks, forehead, and chin but I haven't tried those yet. Also, I have fairly sensitive skin and it didn't make me break out ina rash or even feel the slightest bit itchy.


WOULD I SUGGEST THIS PRODUCT TO OTHERS?: HELL to the YES! If you don't feel like spending a bunch of money on the Biore line of nose strips get the Walgreens brand, it works just as well I'm sure AND it's no more than $6.


  1. Whooooooooooo your boyfriend is sooo coooool for that ~(°o°)~

  2. I am in desperate need of these!! ;A; and I like the appearance updates... your music makes want to break out into para para though XP Loves! <3

    1. Thank you xD I'd just glad my blog doesn't look as crappy as it did before and GRL YES go buy them nao!!!!! They're the best thing EVER