Monday, July 23, 2012

B-Gyaru OOTD

What's uuuuup ya'll?

As you know, I just made a new wig a few nights ago and I liked it. However, once I wore it out in public I realized that it was waaaaaaaaay too tightly curled and short and made my face look manly and just...ew.

So, today I ran a straightener through it >:D The curls are a lot looser, so much in fact, that they just look like waves now. It definitely framed my face better and I love it 23095850692443059x more.Due to my being madly in love with it, I decided to come up with a B-Gyaru outfit. I think it came out awesome with the hair :D

Close up of the hair and my makeup without circle lenses.Yeah, I know you can't see the eye makeup at all.

What do ya think??? Ya like it??

P.S Here's another picture of my makeup, hopefully you can see it better