Sunday, July 29, 2012

Heads Up!

Later tonight/tomorrow I will be doing somewhat of a haul post of things I bought in the past two days and also review some of the things I bought (not clothes, of course)that includes:

1. An eyeshadow palette

2. A hair product for those with natural hair

3. A brand of lipstick

4. Glitter eyeliner kit

5. Blush

6. A B.B cream/creme

7. A concealer/coverstick

There may be something else for me to review but I can't remember right now. FINALLY! You guys can learn about products and not just see me post about hair or nails lol. Also, note to self, remember that with OOTD pictures to list where the items were bought in case someone is interested.

So, you guys will be hearing from me real soon!!


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