Friday, July 20, 2012

Makin' A New Nail Set

I got bored a few days ago and decided to make these. I was trying for rokku style sort of but I couldn't do the exact design that I wanted to do due to my not having the correct nail polish brush tips and not having the deco pieces I wanted.

The nails themselves are actually nail tips that I didn't file down lol. The gems are actually leftover pieces from my last nail set (the pink and black gel nails I reviewed) and I made the dots by using a toothpick.

I actually went back over these nails with glitter polish, but I think it's too much going on when I did that...should have just put the glitter polish on the non-polka dotted nails :/

Now, I only secured these using nail glue and due to the length I find it hard to do anything from using my touch screen phone to opening the door to my car and driving. So as of right now as I type, two nails have fallen off and I'm trying to get the rest off now xD next time I'll better plan this out and make the nails a length that won't handicap me.

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