Wednesday, July 18, 2012

KatoKathy's Giveaway!

Heeeeeeey ya'll! KatoKathy's having a giveaway for her 2nd blog anniversary :D I decided to enter and try my luck and you all should too ^^ She's giving away these fabulous prizes:

Package includes:

1x Luminous Change Eyelash #06 Fluffy Airy Eye

1x Diamond Lash - Princess Eye

1x Set of Fake Nails

2x Nail Polishes (Sally Hansen Diamond Princess Color & New York Confetti)

2x Daiso Rose Lip Gloss/Color

1x 3D Nail Art Wheel Set

1x Mini SUPER BB Cream

1x Cherry BB Cream Sampler

GOGOGOGOGO apply and follow her lovely blog :D

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