Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Gal Progression

I know I said I'd be posting something else after the previous post, but I meant to do this post last week and I'm just now doing it. I wanted to show my progress in gyaru style makeup (not really clothes because I just wear what I want to wear and it works for me). Don't poke too much fun at me lol we all had to start somewhere xD You'll have to forgive me for I am lazy and am unsure of the exact dates of everything lol so it's all based on guestimates lol. Also I can only find photos from 2010 so...I guess that's when I started really getting into it. Actually, that sounds about right because before that I was into a group called Udoli in 2009 and because of that group I got into Gyaru. So, onto the pictures!


^Here I'd say wasn't super gal, but was an attempt without lashes

^My computer's telling me I took this in November 2010 for Manba Day

^I'm not sure if you can tell, but I was also into scene lol so my appearance is scene but my makeup with an attempt at general gyaru and I was duckfacin hella hard for the LAWLS

^These were taken in December 2010 when I was on Christmas vacation at my grammas. I did a lot of practice while I was out here and I felt that I was getting the hang of it, all I was missing was bottom lashes


^These were all taken in March ranging from the 11th through the 28th. Now you can start to see me kind of getting better :D

^Here I focused more on shaping my eyebrows

^This was done for another Manba Day in April 2011 lol. Tried to be more dramatic but still needs hella work


I must say this is by far my best year for makeup lol

^You can also see I began experimenting with hairstyles and fell madly in love with light browns and blondes lol

Whelp, that's it for my progress post ^^ Hope you enjoyed and some of you find inspiration from it knowing that when you first start out at anything, not just makeup, you're not going to look like a pro the first go 'round. You have to practice and believe that you can do it! :D

Thank you for viewing ^^


  1. Your progress is very good. I really think the light browns/blondes are a beauty on you. I do love the lenses as well.. I might get blue lenses.. one day lol I will play it safe for now.

    1. GOFORTHEBLUE!!! Or grey, I do fancy grey lenses too if you wanna be dangerously safe lol

  2. you have some really great hairstyles! awesome how you improved!