Monday, July 16, 2012

Running Errands + Petticoat Review + Inspiration!

Today was errand day...sort of. I had to return library books and go by the post office to pick up a package. I decided to do my makeup today due to my looking at Queenie Ichigo (or Margarita Barret)'s photos this morning. I spent a good hour looking at her blog xD She inspires me to get better at coordinating outfits and doing my hair and getting in shape (seriously, her body is freakin GORGEOUS!)

She's also one of the models for Gal VIP, the new gaijin gyaru magazine that should be out in September ^^ One day I hope to be featured in the magazine *sigh* Her outfits...

So due to my inspiration, I dressed up Oneegyaru style!

I feel like I'm pretty damn good at this style. The makeup is simple and more natural than the Rokku style or other ones that require a lot of black eyeshadow/liner.

Anyway, I'll take this time to do a review on my newly received petticoat. Some of you may not know, but I am also into the Lolita fashion. I don't have a large closet but I do have a few staple pieces that I enjoy :D I just love poofy dresses!!

First off, I ordered the petticoat from Loli-Loli Paradise on Facebook. If I remember correctly, it cost me $50+? and it's the Classical Puppets Bell Shaped Petticoat (Super Fluffy) I ordered it...about May/June and it arrived the 12th of this month

It arrived in this paper package that was lined in plastic. The petticoat was packed inside a thin plastic wrapper.

Now the petticoat itself is SOFT AS FAWK! It's so smooth completely itch-free! The trim on the edge is in a lace design but it feels more like cotton or that tablecloth material you'd find at your gramma's house lol

It has a bunch of layers in it which makes it Super Fluffy. I can't get it to stand up on its own like in other people's photos cuz I'm a lame-o, but it is full. Now I'll show pictures of the petticoat on~~~

Here's a picture of a skirt (from Bodyline)with and without the petticoat (This skirt is thin and hence not very heavy)

Big difference, eh? Well, it's not a HUMONGOUS poof but I like the poof that is there :D btw, this is a cupcake shaped petti so it won't give you the "mature" A-line skirt look.

Now a with/without picture of the petti with a heavier skirt (also from Bodyline)~

I added the profile view because I feel like you can see the poof better from the side in this skirt rather than the front.

Alrightttt!!! That is all for today! I feel like I'm gonna post again later today, I'm gonna try to do a Cocona-inspired makeup since I never used the glitter eyeliner I bought xD

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