Thursday, July 12, 2012

Finally got some shopping done

It feels so good to shop -w- Especially since I haven't shopped since...May. I know that's not a long time, but it felt long. At first I was interested in buying clothing for the summer since I was getting tired of wearing dresses and feeling fugly in shorts, but now I think I'll focus on buying clothes for the upcoming fall and winter seasons :3 I prefer those seasons over fall and summer anyway lol (summer is too hot and spring SUCKS all kinds of booty due to the pollination and shizz. The doctor still says my nostrils are inflamed because of allergies and it's freakin summer)

My boyfriend is doing this super cute and oh-so-very kind thing of taking me shopping every weekend until August when I'll get a "super surprise" lol he's so cute and thoughtful ^^

So anyway, I got to buy a few things from Body Central, Icing, and Hot Topic. From BD I got this lace top and waist belt

I absolutely love the way the belt fits me. Makes me feel all tiny and fit lol I figured this would be a great top for Onee-gyaru ^^

I got these ear cuffs from Icing (which is like a more mature version of Claires, for those of you who don't know what that is)

Then I bought some accessories from Hot Topic for my Rokku gyaru style! Most of them were on clearance for no more than $4 except the handcuff chain belt and the glitter eyeliner lol

I saw Miyabi (Sukoa) use this glitter liner so I thought I'd buy it and try it since the glitter palette I bought two weeks ago kinda sucks seeing how the glitter doesn't stay on your eyes unless you put glue on them -_-

I also ordered two pairs of lenses. The i.Fairy Luscious Greys and the Kirei Browns

I CAN'T WAIT TO GET THEM!!! xDD I figured, for me, grey lenses look great with my heavier rokku gyaru makeup and the browns would look natural enough with the onee gyaru make up which I need to work on more >_>'

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