Saturday, July 21, 2012

Trying Out B-Gal...?

Heeeeey y'all!
Last night I cut my hair! :D now it's not even an inch long and it's allllllll natural.

Now I've always wanted to try a certain hairdo that's really big and curly! Like an Afro. So, I tried to make a quick weave style of it. Instead, I just made it a wig (this was the first time I've made a wig and I'm excited!).

I find this style to be nice for B-gyaru perhaps depending on hair accessories :3 so, I figured I could try B-gal for a while, y'know, for fun.

The hair I used is by Princess 100% human hair style P deep wave 8 in color 27. It was $9 a pack and I used three packs.

I used hair glue and glued it on a wig cap while it was on my head (I had a shower cap underneath the wig cap so the glue doesn't seep through and onto my hair). After the glue dried the wig was done, after combing through the curls to make the hair bigger.

Woo! I hope you like it! And enjoy watching me attempt B-gal lol

P.S excuse my fugliness

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